Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Review of "Robot Spy," episode 8 of the original Jonny Quest series

Review of

Robot Spy, episode 8 of the original Jonny Quest series

Five out of five stars

This is my favorite episode in the original Jonny Quest series. A flying object lands very close to the Quest compound late in the evening and the curious Dr. Quest takes it to a warehouse in order to study it in the morning. It is a giant robotic spider sent by arch-enemy Dr. Zin that is designed to gather the intellectual property of the latest Quest invention, the para-power ray gun.

 What makes the Jonny Quest series so attractive to young people is that although Jonny and his friend Hadji are boys, the are an integral part of the team. When Dr. Quest issues orders they respond as adults and have technical expertise in their own right. That is the case here, when the robot spy is about to depart with the secrets, Dr. Quest tells each of them what to do and there is no hesitation in carrying out his instructions. There is tension and some technical jargon, but well within the level of understanding of all people with an interest in technology.

 This was a great series and well ahead of its time, an animated science fiction series that appeared in prime time.

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