Sunday, March 15, 2020

Review of "Then & Now: Cedar Rapids," by George T. Henry and Mark W. Hunter

Review of

Then & Now: Cedar Rapids, by George T. Henry and Mark W. Hunter ISBN 0738531979

Five out of five stars

This book contains a collection of before and after photos of buildings and locations in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There is an extensive caption explaining the location and what the buildings in the photos were named and used for. In general, the last sentence states what the location is being used for at the time of compilation (2002).

 As a lifelong resident of the Cedar Rapids area, the comparisons have a special interest to me. I was able to mentally transport myself to most locations. Of special interest were the images where the streets are more heavily populated by horses than by motorized vehicles. Destructive improvements are generally a good thing for cities, it is a prime indicator of dynamism. From these images it is clear that the city is dynamic and adapting to the changing times.

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