Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Review of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Review of

Fifty Shades of Grey, DVD version

Four out of five stars

 While this is a remake of the Cinderella plot, it has some literal and figurative kinky twists. Christian Grey is a very wealthy and attractive young man that trolls the world for women that will satisfy his desires. Anastasia (Anna) Steele is a college student given the task of interviewing the reclusive Grey, something that few have done. Grey is so secretive that the public does not know whether he is gay or straight.

 There is a bit of a spark during the interview and they begin a relationship based on a contract written by Grey where Anna is designated as the submissive. For Grey has a difficult time with relationships with women and he is most comfortable when there is an underlying current of S & M with him in charge.

 Yet, there is a spark of feeling between them that complicates his world and at first simplifies hers. With his vast wealth, Grey can provide experiences and buy things that Anna could only dream about before. Their relationship remains one of active sex, yet with an undercurrent of tension that can potentially destroy what they have together. It has the potential to burst into a happy ending where they fall into each other’s arms in the implied happy ever after final scene.

 The movie has some very powerful emotional moments, yet most are unpleasant for one or both of them. At times you feel for Grey and other times you hope that he bangs a knee against a table leg. It is a complex story that in many ways is a more realistic depiction of the Cinderella fantasy.

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