Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Review of "Superman Returns," DVD

Review of

Superman Returns, DVD

Three out of five stars

 Fans of the Superman movie series will recognize scenes and even dialog from the first movie starring Christopher Reeve. What is absent is the charm of that movie, specifically the onscreen interactions between Reeve and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. The premise is that Superman left Earth to journey back to the location of his home planet of Krypton and Lois Lane wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning article on why the world does not need Superman. Lois is also married with a boy that appears to be between four and eight years old.

 When Superman makes an unexpected reappearance in saving a doomed airliner where Lois is a passenger, the romance between the two of them is rekindled. However, this leads to some creepy actions by Superman, where he uses his super vision and hearing to eavesdrop on Lois and her husband in their home. This is not an endearing scene.

 Kevin Spacey plays the arch-enemy Lex Luthor and as usual, Lex is determined to take over the world and has no concerns about the loss of human life. He does a credible job at the task, and there is the usual female bimbo as one of his sidekicks.

 While fans of Superman are pleased that there is a new iteration of the Superman series of movies, this one falls far short of the first one. Even the romance appears a bit forced and uncertain and not just because Lois is married.

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