Thursday, March 5, 2020

Review of "The Little Book of Doctors’ Rules," by Clifton K. Meador

Review of

The Little Book of Doctors’ Rules, by Clifton K. Meador, MD ISBN 9780757004933

Five out of five stars

 The only real flaw in this book occurs in the title. While I understand why the author used the term “Doctors,” it would be much closer to reality to use the phrase “Health Care Providers.” For every person in the chain beyond those that take your demographic information and ask how you are going to pay your bill should read this book.

 The rules, more accurately described as snippets of advice, are short and relate to the more humane and hence efficient practice of medicine. For even though health care providers often use machines with advanced technology and costing tens of thousands of dollars, medical care is and will always remain an interpersonal activity. That is the emphasis here.

 The statements are numbered, and the best is one of the shortest. It is number 232 and it is, “Never take away hope.” While doctors can learn much from this book, all people in the health care chain, including patients, will find value in this jewel of medicine that does not contain a single technical term.

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