Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Review of "Wild Women of Wongo," The Film Crew DVD version

Review of
Wild Women of Wongo, The Film Crew DVD version

One out of five stars
 It is a race to the bottom to determine what characteristic of this movie is the worst. The acting, plot, dialog, props and setting are all in the running. The video is made even worse by the comments made by the “Film Crew,” made up of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. As the movie progresses, they interject comments that are annoying and in no instance funny.
 The basic plot is that there are two islands and through an act of nature, one island is inhabited by beastly men and attractive women (Wongo) while the other contains attractive men and unattractive women. When a man from the other island arrives on Wongo, the women swoon over him while the men plot to kill him. There are battles for possession of the members of the other gender, all so poorly choreographed that it is clear that there was no preparation for these scenes. The dialog makes Tarzan sound like a literary man.
 This is a movie that no one associated with it would ever want that fact to be known. There are high school film classes that have made better movies.

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