Thursday, November 8, 2018

Review of "A Harrison Cady Picture Book"

Review of
A Harrison Cady Picture Book

Five out of five stars
 This book of crisp images and short two-paragraph stories about the animals in the pictures is very cleverly displayed and written. Each of the animals is dressed in human clothing and engages in human-like activities. For example, the frog has a top hat, cane and a bowtie. The goose has glasses stereotypical of an older woman, is carrying an umbrella and a purse and is wearing a brightly colored gaudy bonnet.
 The text is written so that there are internal rhymes inside the last few sentences. They are simple and the type that would have elicited giggles from my daughter when she was young. For example, the last sentence in the text with the frog is, “And, after all, if he’s content, this worry isn’t worth a cent.”
 Written at the level of the second or third grader, this is a book that will delight the reader as they mentally or orally move through the text. In many ways, this is a book designed to be read to others.

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