Thursday, November 22, 2018

Review of "The Best Doctor Jokes Ever"

Review of
The Best Doctor Jokes Ever, ISBN 1586636154

Four out of five stars
 As is typical of books of jokes, some in this book are quite good while others are groaners. All areas of medicine, from physicians to dentist, psychiatrists to internists are the point of the jokes.  
 Some are classic jokes where the subject is changed to a medical practitioner.
 For example, on page 64 one of the jokes is:
“Doctor: Did you take the patient’s temperature? Nurse: No. Is it missing?”
On page 46, there is the joke:
“I went to the doctor last week with a broken arm. I told him that I broke it in two places. His only reply was, ‘Never go to either of them again.’”
 Generally amusing, sometimes cerebral and other times dumb, this is a collection of jokes that can be told to anyone, although some in the medical profession might get a wee bit offended.

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