Monday, November 19, 2018

Review of "Simpsons Comics Simpsorama," published by Matt Groening

Review of
Simpsons Comics Simpsorama, published by Matt Groening ISBN 0060951990

Five out of five stars
 While the Simpsons animated show is extremely popular and has lasted a long time, the humor is not for everyone. At times simply stupid and at other times cerebral, there is real genius in the show. It has been on for 30 seasons, fortunately for the producers, cartoon characters can be altered in appearance, but they never really have to age. It is a tribute to the people that create the show that they have been able to keep it sharp and topical for this length of time. Of course, it helps that reality continues to feed them humorous situations that are ripe for appearing on this show.
 Although this comic form of stories involving this famous family do not have the same impact that the visual form has, reading them will inform you whether you will find the humor in the show to your taste. In some ways the humor comes across as a bit more bizarre in print, at least to me. It is a work of true genius.

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