Thursday, November 29, 2018

Review of "Pyramid," by David Macaulay

Review of
Pyramid, by David Macaulay ISBN 0590995189

Five out of five stars
 The pyramids in Egypt remain extremely impressive structures, there is still debate over how such “primitive” people could move millions of large stones in such a precise manner. A large part of the debate is based on an unwillingness to admit that people that lived four thousand years ago were actually smart and capable.
 This book, based on knowledge and logical deduction, demonstrates how the Egyptians were able to quarry, transport and place the massive number of large blocks of stone into their precise locations. It is based on having a large number of laborers willing to work long days, years with which to complete the task and high-quality engineering expertise. All of these were present in ancient Egypt, based on a strong central government centered around the Pharaoh.
 Written at the level of the late elementary school child and profusely illustrated, this book is a worthy addition to all elementary school libraries.

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