Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Review of "Star Trek Mad Libs: World’s Greatest Word Game," by Eric Luper

Review of
Star Trek Mad Libs: World’s Greatest Word Game, by Eric Luper ISBN 9780843183641

Five out of five stars
 This is a book written specifically for people that know a great deal about the various Star Trek iterations. A section of text with a theme expressed in the genre appears with certain words deleted. It is then the goal of the player to fill in the blanks with words that are humorous and not necessarily consistent with the specific Star Trek topic.
 For example, some of the themes are “Beam Me Up Scotty!” “Packing list for a five-year mission,” and “The Redshirt: A Cautionary Tale.” All of which are well known to the fan of Star Trek. This is a book that can be a lot of fun, whether you fly solo or fill it out with friends that are also big fans of Star Trek.

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