Friday, November 23, 2018

Review of "Role Models," DVD version

Review of
Role Models, DVD version

Four out of five stars
Danny and Wheeler are barely managing to scratch out a living selling an energy drink. They drive their modified truck to K-12 schools where they deliver an anti-drug, pro energy drink message. Both of them really are not yet fully grown psychologically, they lack discipline, focus and a plan for the future.
 When they drive their truck over a statue, they are faced with a simple choice, a lengthy period of community service or a significant stay in the local jail. Both select the community service option and they are sent to a facility for severely troubled children. The facility is run by a hard-nosed ex-drug addict played by Jane Lynch and each is assigned one of the most difficult children. They are not orphans, just young people with problems interacting with all aspects of the world, including their parents.
 There are several moments where Danny and Wheeler perform a cost-benefit analysis of simply taking the jail time over the community service, but they both try to soldier through it. Both of them fail miserably at being a mentor, but at the end they stand tall and make a difference in the lives of their two charges.
 Despite the opening, where it appears to be a movie about two dumb guys that cannot handle the world, this turns out to be a good movie. There are several moving scenes at the end, where the mentor men grow up more than their significantly altered wards.

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