Sunday, November 4, 2018

Review of "Black Beauty: New Age Graphic Novel," by Anna Sewell

Review of
Black Beauty: New Age Graphic Novel, by Anna Sewell ISBN 0883010941

Five out of five stars
 This story is a classic and it is fitting that this version is designed to be assigned as a classroom project. There is a foreword directed at the teacher as well as discussion questions at the end. It is both a history lesson of the time when horses were the main source of transportation and a presentation of the inclination of some to commit animal cruelty. There are ways to get animals to perform well that involve proper care versus exploitation.
 The visual nature of this abridgement provides an incentive for students to read the book without any significant loss of the theme of the story. Black Beauty and his fellow horses are presented as feeling, knowing beings rather than as simple draft animals and I strongly recommend this book for all K-12 academic libraries as well as personal libraries for children with a heart for animals.

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