Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review of "The Natural," starring Robert Redford, DVD

Review of
The Natural, starring Robert Redford, DVD version of the director’s cut

Five out of five stars
 Set in the late 1930’s, this movie is arguably the best sports movie of all time. The only detriment is the mysticism that occasionally arises as a fundamental part of the plot. Robert Redford stars as Roy Hobbes, an incredibly talented baseball player that is destined for stardom when he runs afoul of a crazed female fan.
 He disappears from the game for almost two decades to re-emerge as a major league rookie in his late thirties. Even with his relatively advanced age, his talents are so great that he is still an incredible hitter. However, there are undercurrents of a devious and crooked owner with a gambler determined to make a fortune off of the failure of Roy’s team.
 Much of the power of the movie is derived from the strength of the performances of the supporting cast. Robert Duvall as a somewhat crooked sportswriter, Wilford Brimley as the manager of the baseball team, Kim Basinger as a bad luck femme fatale and Glenn Close as Hobbes’ childhood sweetheart are all outstanding and serve to provide the backdrop for the Hobbes character to reach the appropriate stature.
 While I don’t consider this the best sports movie of all time due to the mystic aspects, it certainly is justifiable for some people to consider it as number one.

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