Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review of "Manhattan GMAT: Equations, Inequalities, VICs, Guide 3, Third Edition"

Review of
Manhattan GMAT: Equations, Inequalities, VICs, Guide 3, Third Edition, ISBN 9780981853314

Five out of five stars
This book is essentially a programmed review of a college algebra course. The basic structure is a few pages of introduction of the topic followed by a set of approximately 20 problems with detailed solutions in the next section.
 The material will be understandable for the person that has taken algebra before and in general understood it. The value that the reader acquires from working through the book will be of use independent of the reason for the study. As a point of note, the term VIC refers to “Variable expressions in the answer choices.” These are problems like
“Given the expression x + y = z, solve for x.”
  If you need an algebra refresher for any reason, this book will work for you.

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