Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review of "Instant CORBA," by Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey and Jeri Edwards

Review of
Instant CORBA, by Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey and Jeri Edwards ISBN 0471183334

Five out of five stars
 Many years ago, I was offered the opportunity to teach a course in CORBA to a major local employer in their contract training program. While I knew CORBA, it was necessary to do an intense and very speedy refresher. This is the book that I selected for that operation.
 The book is very easy to read and understand, provided of course you are well-schooled in the principles of object-oriented programming and remote/distributed computing. With that as a background, you will have no difficulty in understanding the principles of CORBA. The presentation is language-neutral, so your specific language of coding will not be an impediment. Of course, if you want to be told what to do in a specific language such as Java, then it is necessary to look elsewhere.
 Although the content is of course very dated, I can still recommend this book as an excellent explanation of how computing tasks can be organized and delegated.

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