Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review of "Java Threads," by Scott Oaks & Henry Wong

Review of
Java Threads, by Scott Oaks & Henry Wong ISBN 1565924185

Four out of five stars
 At the turn of the century I was developing and teaching a series of contract training courses in Java for a local IT company. When they made the request for a course covering Java threads I needed a quick refresher in the subject. This is the book that I used.
 The content is as much a primer on threads (multitasking) than it is an in-depth explanation of how threads are implemented in the Java programming language. There is no large project, while working code is included, it is generally in the form of short snippets. There are only two or three instances where the code example is more than two pages long and there is a great deal of internal whitespace.
Topics covered include controlling, scheduling, creating, activating and deleting Java threads. While this book is of course very dated regarding the specifics, it still has value as an introduction to this critical and increasingly important coding technique.

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