Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review of "Body Heat," starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, DVD version

Review of
Body Heat, starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, DVD version

Five out of five stars
 The weather is hot and steamy in this story taking place in Florida, but that is topped by the action between attorney Ned Racine (William Hurt) and the irresistible woman Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner). Racine is a single man in a sole proprietorship law firm, doing adequate but hardly spectacular legal work. Walker is married to a very wealthy man that is gone on business most of the time and she is looking for a way out of the marriage. Specifically one that allows her to keep all of her husband’s assets.
 Totally infatuated with Walker, Racine decides that her husband must be killed so that the two of them can be together. However, once the deed is done, Racine quickly realizes that he has been manipulated by a master. Given how hot Turner is on the screen, it is easy to see why Racine was thinking  with body parts other than his head.
 This is a great movie, all aspects of the plot are put into place slowly and effectively before the ending, where things move rapidly. In this role, Turner set the permanent standard for the femme fatale in entertainment. She is a knockout with a ruthless nature, Walker is an incredible combination of beauty and brains.

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