Friday, October 21, 2016

Review of "Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 2: Doom," by Warren Ellis et. al.

Review of

Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 2: Doom, by Warren Ellis et. al. ISBN 0785114572

Five out of five stars
 This is the second installment of what is a reboot of the story of the Fantastic Four. In this case the accident that gave them their powers was not exposure to cosmic rays, but a failed experiment to transport solid matter to a parallel universe.
 In this story, the U. S. government is paranoid about their powers and  wants them to stay in the Baxter Building. The Fantastic Four is essentially under house arrest with a significant military guard.  The U. S. military also is far more aggressive in conducting operations in the U. S. and elsewhere.
 When it is clear that Victor Van Damme is still alive and plotting, the Fantastic Four depart the Baxter Building in an attempt to subdue him. They are in a race with U. S. forces, a team of Special Forces are also on the way to arrest Van Damme. The fact that he is in the sovereign territory of another nation is not considered a significant impediment.
 Still trying to determine the nature and limits of their powers, the members of the Fantastic Four are also building the camaraderie that will turn them into a powerful and coherent team. If you are wedded to the original story, then you may find the new approach a bit disconcerting. Yet, it is an engaging story, even though there are many layers to the tread of Dr. Doom against the Fantastic Four. The paranoid nature of the U. S. government is also a more accurate portrayal of what would happen if such powers were to be acquired.

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