Saturday, October 1, 2016

Review of "Best Men," movie on DVD

Review of 

Best Men, DVD

Four out of five stars
 This is an odd movie, with absurd premises and an ending that is both fortunate and unfortunate. In the opening, one of the characters (Jesse) is met by the other men in formal dress as he is released from prison. They are all to be groomsmen at his wedding that is to take place later that day. Drew Barrymore plays Hope, the potential bride, but she is not in any way a star of the movie. All of the men are local boys from the small town where the action takes place.
 Billy, the son of the local Sherriff, from which he is estranged, has the bright idea that he will rob the town bank. He has committed a series of bank robberies and has been given the nickname “Hamlet” because he quotes passages from the play during the robbery. Billy feels the need for some cash so that he can give his friend a wedding present.
 The robbery goes bad when another of the friends, an ex-Green Beret, confronts Billy. In order to end the danger, Billy whips off his mask and some of the people in the bank recognize him. The other friends then take Billy’s side and a standoff develops between the friends in the bank and local and national law enforcement. The FBI agent in charge is depicted as a nasty, unprincipled man, having no hesitation in ordering his men to shoot to kill.
 There are many different aspects to this story, but the main theme is that of the depth of the loyalty that these men have for each other. The biblical phrase “Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for his friend. “ is literally expressed in their actions. That is what saves this movie, for the other premises are absurd.  

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