Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review of "Baseball Anecdotes," by Daniel Okrent and Steve Wulf

Review of

Baseball Anecdotes, by Daniel Okrent and Steve Wulf ISBN 0195043960

Five out of five stars
 While  followers of baseball will know of many of the more recent anecdotes, the ones about baseball in the early years will be new to most readers. Even those that follow baseball closely. While some players are given a bit more text than others, there is no dominant coverage and many otherwise unknown players are given some ink.
 This is a fun book to read, some significant players are not mentioned, for this is largely a book about personalities and quirks rather than achievement on the field. I strongly recommend this book, one of the things you will learn is who is the unofficial creator of baseball “chatter.” On the darker side, the establishment of the color barrier in major league baseball is also described.

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