Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review of "Classics Illustrated: Great Expectations," by Charles Dickens and adapted by Richard Geary

Review of

Classics Illustrated: Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens and adapted by Richard Geary

ISBN 9781597070973

 If you are a student with an assignment involving this classic by Dickens and you are short of time, this book may prove to be a better crutch than the summary by Cliffs Notes. The essence of the story and many of the social mores of England of the nineteenth century are captured in graphic novel form.
 The main character is the orphan Pip and he is exposed to convicts, a bitter old woman raising a girl to be emotional and unfeeling and other aspects of the stratified English society. As Pip grows, he is the receiver of significant help from an unknown benefactor, allowing him to transform into a gentleman.  Yet, underneath this social mobility there are many undercurrents of his past, all of which are presented in the social context of a class conscious England.
 This is a book that would work very well in middle and high school English classes where the work of Dickens is being examined. It could also be used in history classes where the topic is the social structure of England in the nineteenth century. All tools should be used when young people are being educated and this is one that will prove valuable.

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