Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review of "Marvel Avengers Assemble: Civil War," based on the TV series

Review of

Marvel Avengers Assemble: Civil War, based on the TV series ISBN 9781302901646

Four out of five stars

While the superheroes are split in what is called the Civil War, the forces of evil see the opportunity to exploit the situation. In this case it is Ultron, sequentially transferring the artificial intelligence (AI) from structure to structure and doing battle with the Avengers. Ultron has developed a network, so all data acquired by one unit is passed to the others, allowing all Ultron units to act as a team.
 What weakens the story is the plot device where Tony Stark as Iron Man is depicted as incompetent and a poor leader, driving the other Avengers away from him as they question his leadership and even his operational intelligence. At the end, the Avengers (Re)Assemble and are a team once again with the villain vanquished, at least for the moment.

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