Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review of "Marvel Civil War: New Avengers," Bendis, Chaykin, Yu, Coipel, Ferry, Cheung

Review of

Marvel Civil War: New Avengers, Bendis, Chaykin, Yu, Coipel, Ferry, Cheung ISBN 9780785195733

Five out of five stars
The superhuman registration law being pushed so hard by Tony Stark is about to take effect and anyone with powers that does not register and reveal their identity will be arrested. Captain America is dubious about the law, but to make their point, S. H. I. E. L. D. sends a team of dark clad soldiers in armor to “convince” him. The soldiers have special weapons and are called “Capekillers.”
 This is the opening battle of what is to become a war between the superheroes, splitting the Avengers and other groups. Cap escapes and goes underground in the literal and figurative sense as he plans his next move. Backed by the government and the forces of S. H. I. E. L. D., Tony Stark begins the roundup as Cap starts to acquire allies to his opposition.
 A large part of this book is dedicated to the attempt to recruit Luke Cage and Jessica to the registration side. To Cage and the people of his neighborhood, the arrival of the Capekiller unit reminds them of Mississippi of the 1950’s, so he refuses. The reader experiences the uncertainty of the heroes that are on the side of Stark, but only marginally, as they have their doubts, but it is the law. It is a situation where neutrality is not a tolerated position.
 The Civil War saga that pits superheroes against superheroes is one of the best long-term stories in the history of the comics. This collection sets the stage for much that is to come.

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