Friday, October 28, 2016

Review of Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Nicholas Sparks's "Two by Two"

Review of

Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Nicholas Sparks's Two by Two

Four out of five stars
 While the book being described has many of the traits of a romance novel, as the author of the summary states:

“In terms of genre, Two by Two skews heavily towards romance; however, it’s a chaste novel in that it focuses on feelings more than sensuality.”

 The plot centers on a couple where they start out with the husband and father working while the mother stays at home to take care of their busy daughter. When the husband decides to go independent and his income dries up, there is a change of roles. The wife goes to work while the husband becomes the care provider. There is a great deal of stress in the marriage with an inevitable drift to a split. Although it is clear that there was a great deal of tension before the role reversal.
 There are several other important and most likely necessary characters in the story that give it more literary flesh. The summary presents the novel as a fairly routine story with no dramatic events, everything is described as being an iterative process. Relationships incrementally deteriorate while others concurrently rise to take their place, making it a novel about life.
 From the summary, it is clear that if you are someone that enjoys stories about life changes with an emphasis on personal feelings, then you will most likely find the book worth reading. Other than that, probably not. 

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