Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review of "Hardy Boys Graphic Novel: Dude Ranch of Death," by Scott Lobdel and Paulo Henrique

Review of

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel: Dude Ranch of Death, by Scott Lobdel and Paulo Henrique 

ISBN 9781597070881
Five out of five stars
 Like millions of other adults, I grew up devouring the Hardy Boys series of books, reading every one that I could acquire. Over the years, I have retained an interest to the extent that I read and review a few of the more modern iterations of their adventures. The publication of a new, modern set of adventures in graphic novel form is an event that I consider of great value. For it continues the process of getting young people reading along with a stimulation of their imagination.
 At a core level, the stories are as they always were. An adventure of Frank and Joe as they are faced with balancing the trials of high school along with the danger of solving crimes and their associated mysteries. Frank and Joe demonstrate abilities that boys can aspire to and gather strength from while being entertained.
 In this case, there is a ranch for troubled teens in Nevada called “Sorrow Ranch” and some of the teens have vanished. Frank and Joe are recruited by the mysterious A. T. A. C. (American Teens Against Crime) organization to go to the ranch and determine what is happening. Fans of the old television series “Mission Impossible” will recognize the means by which they acquire their assignment.
 It is a good story, the artwork is the modern form that is so popular with young people and the events never exceed the plausible. There is no doubt that this series of graphic novels will continue the tradition of planting a seed of adventure in another generation of young people.

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