Monday, April 25, 2016

Review of "Mary’s Clover: A Story About Medication Safety," by Nila E. Sturlin

Review of

Mary’s Clover: A Story About Medication Safety, by Nila E. Sturlin ISBN 9781478771265

Five out of five stars

 Mary Stephens is a young girl full of energy and a free spirit that has a beloved pet rabbit called Clover. Every day after school Mary tends to Clover, cleaning her cage and giving her food and drink. Clover responds very well to the attention and they often play together.
 Unfortunately, one day Clover is not feeling well so a trip to the vet is necessary. The vet writes a prescription and she assures Mary and her mother that if Clover is given the medicine in the proper way, Clover will make a full recovery.
 However, like nearly all children, Mary is impatient and wants Clover to get well faster. Therefore, she gives Clover most of the medicine in one dose, causing Clover to get very ill. Fortunately, quick treatment saves Clover and Mary learns a valuable lesson about medication safety.
 This lesson is one that is important for children to learn, for it is easy for the young mind to believe that if a little something is good for you then more of it is always better. The consuming of medicine is one of the most dangerous possibilities, but it also extends to other things such as vitamins and other food supplements. For this reason, this is a five star book that should be placed in all children’s libraries. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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  1. Great book for children very informative Love it.