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Contents of "Journal of Recreational Mathematics Volume 7"

Contents of Journal of Recreational Mathematics Volume 7

 This volume was published as one book containing all four issues.

“The Unknown World of Octiamonds,” by Ir P. J. Torbijin
“Trimagic Squares,” by Willam H, Benson
“Perimeter-Magic Polygons,” by Terrel Trotter Jr.
“A Third-Order Square Related to Magic Squares,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Art and Mathematics of String Figures,” ALi R. AMir-Moez and J. D. Hamilton
“An Optical Illusion,” John McClellan
“The Stacked Playing Cards,” Robert E. Parkin
“Second- and Third-Order Multi-Multigrades,” by Donald Cross
“The Quadrangle Game,” by Jorgen Lou
“Eight Digits on a Cube’s Vertices,” by Charles W. Trigg
“The Duration of BINGO Games,” by Ronald Lessing
Letters to the Editor
Problems and Conjectures
Note From the Editor
Late Solutions
Solutions to Problems, Conjectures and Alphametics
The Solvers’ List
Index for Volume 6
“714 and 715,” by Carol Nelson, David E. Penner and Carl Pomerance
“Exploded Myths,” by Joseph Arkin and V. E. Hoggatt, Jr.
“Pan-N-Agonals in Hypercubes,” by John Robert Hendricks
“Every Magic Square is Not a Latin Square,” by Joseph M. Moser
“Some Properties of Third-Order Magic Squares,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Triangular Arrangements of Disks in Order of Magnitude,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Hippocrates,” by Ali R. Amir-Moez and J. D. Hamilton
“Knight Interchanges,” by Robert E. Parkin
“The ‘Prime Derivative’,” by Perry Dane
“The Tower of Brahma Revisited,” by Ted Roth
“Consecutive Hypotenuses of Pythagorean Triangles,” by Albert H. Beiler
“The Additive Persistence of a Number,” by Harvey J. Hindin
“Nine-Digit Determinants Equal to Their First Rows,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Semandic Paradoxes,” by Phillip Shultz
Book Review
“Figures, Figures,” by J. A. H. Hunter
Problems and Conjectures
“Find the Next Term,” by N. J. A. Sloane
Solutions to Problems and Conjectures
Late Solutions
“Trimorphic Numbers,” by J. A. Hunter
“Essentially Different Nonattacking Rook Arrangements,” by Loren C. Larson
“Third-Order Multi-Multigrades from Sums of Two Squares,” Donald Cross
“A Pandiagonal Magic Square of Order Eight,” by John Robert Hendricks
“Magic Square Time,” by John Robert Hendricks
“A Winning Opening in Reverse Hex,” by Ronald Evans
“A Winning Strategy for SIM,” by E. M. Rounds and S. S. Yau
“Geometric Representation of the Sequence (3, 7, 13, 21, 31, 43, 57, . . .),” by George Berzsenyi
“More Geometric Dissections,” by Greg Frederickson
“Mathematical Oddballs,” by William L. Schaaf
“Single Vacancy Rolling Cube Problems,” by John W. Harris
“The Lucky Languages,” by Sidney Kravitz
“Packing a Square With Y-Pentominoes,” by Jenifer Haselgrove
“A Polygonal Number Relationship,” by Harvey J. Hindin
“The Famous-Name Game,” by Charles W. Trigg
“The Stamp Problem,” by R. L. Heimer and H. Langenbach
Problems and Conjectures
“Storming the Stairway of Squares,” by William Raymond Griffin
“Aspects of 1974,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Covering Cubes With MacMahon’s Three-Color Squares,” by Wade E. Philpott
“Tiling 5n x 12 Rectangles with Y-Pentominoes,” by James Bitner
“Solid Pentomino Multiplications,” by Ad Mank
“True Odds for a Certain Game,” by H. M. Finucan and A. S. Jones
“Digital Fractions,” by H. T. Huang
“Fractured Fractions,” by Steven Kahan
“A New Function From a Table of Primes,” by James R. Smart
“The Roses and the Princes,” F. deCarte Blanche
“Looking-Glass Numbers,” by Cedric A. B. Smith
Letters to the Editor
“Some Ideas About the Solution of Cryptarithmetic Puzzles,” by Nichola V. Findler and Paul Bunting
Problems and Conjectures, edited by David L. Silverman
Alphametics, edited by J. A. H. Hunter
Solutions to Problems and Conjectures
Late Solutions

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