Monday, April 4, 2016

Review of "Frazetta Illustrations Arcanum"

Review of

Frazetta Illustrations Arcanum

Five out of five stars

This book contains a set of pencil sketches drawn by the fantasy art master Frank Frazetta.  Most of them depict violent scenes of humans in conflict with monsters of several types, from the large reptiles, to four-legged mammalian predators to humanoids. In many cases one or more of the humans in the fight are scantily clad females (generally topless with large breasts) and the weapons are spears, knives and swords. While the females are sometimes depicted as in a state of helplessness, in some of the images they are portrayed as effective fighters.
 All of the images are drawn in great detail, you can see the strain in the muscles, fear in the faces and the viciousness in the heads of the monsters. This is Frazetta at his best, depicting fantasy in images that snap your attention to them.

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