Monday, April 4, 2016

Review of "Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?" by Carole P. Roman

Review of

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? by Carole P. Roman ISBN 9781530361847

Five out of five stars

 All young girls are to a large extent princesses, they can imagine a lot and take themselves many places and do many things. The ability to imagine and act out is an important one, for it engages their minds and bodies in mental and physical growth. It is just as inevitable that they will also grow up and enter the world of adulthood and be forced into seeking gainful employment. The question then becomes, what career paths can a grown princess enter? The answer is just about any career is open to the person willing to dream the dream and work the work.
 This book lists a series of career paths available to females, some of which are traditional female roles in the old sense but most are not. The message is that girls can not only imagine themselves in many roles, they can in fact fill those roles.
 The structure of the book is that of sets of two consecutive rhyming lines, the reading level is approximately that of the late first or early second grader. The coloration of the images has a washed out appearance, there are no bright colors and the borders of the objects in them are not sharp. There are two main characters, both young girls with one blonde and the other with tan-colored hair.
 It is never too early to implant great ambitions in the minds of children, in terms of both the breadth and depth of the opportunities. This book in an excellent early step down the path of enjoying life. The most important points made in the book are on pages 28 and 32. “You can always change your mind” and “It is important that you like your job.” 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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