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Contents of Journal of Recreational Mathematics Volume 1

Contents of Journal of Recreational Mathematics Volume 1

Number 1
Editorial by Joseph S. Madachy
“Magic Designs,” by Robert B. Ely, III
“Counting Planar Maps,” by W. T.Tutte
“Infinite Geometry,” by Donald L. Vanderpool
“A Recurrent Operation Leading to a Number Trick,” by Charles W. Trigg
Book Reviews
“Curiosa on 1968,” by Clifford R. Dickinson
Mathematical Browsing
Elementary Section
“Alphametics,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“The Witch of Agnesi,” by Harold D. Larsen
“Curiosa for 1968,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Pentomino Farms,” by Father Victor Feser
“Squares with 9 and 10 Distinct Digits,” by T. Charles Jones

Number 2
“Compound Games with Counters,” by Cedric A. B. Smith
“Curiosa on 1968,” by Leon Bankoff
“Some Approximate Dissections,” by Harry Lindgren
“Patterns in Primes,” by Leslie E. Card
“A Prime Number Sieve,” by Douglas A. Engel
“A Digital Bracelet for 1968,” by Charles W. Trigg
“’Hit-and-Run’ on a Graph,” by Jurg Nievergelt and Steve Chase
“A 1968 Magic Square Composed of Leap Years,” by Leon Bankoff
Elementary Section
“Integers of the Form N^3 + M^5,” by Charles W. Trigg
“A Special Square Array of the Nine Digits,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Square Solitaire and Variations,” by Donald C. Cross
“A Fundamental Dissection Puzzle,” by Kobon Fujimura

Number 3
“ Of Knights and Cooks, and the Game of Checkers,” by Solomon W. Golomb
“A Magic Square,” by William J. Mannke
“Uncrossed Knight’s Tours,” by L. D. Yarbrough
“Doodling with Numbers,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Generalized Fibonacci Numbers and the Polygonal Numbers,” by V. E. Hoggatt, Jr.
“Nine-Digit Determinants Equal to 3,” by Charles W. Trigg
“From Forests to Matches,” by Ronald C. Read
Elementary Section
“Automorphic Numbers,” by Vernon deGuerre and R. A. Fairbairn
“Division of Integers by Transposition,” by Charles W. Trigg
Mathematical Browsing
“Tangrams,” by Harry Lindgren

Number 4
“Compounding a Series,” by R. Robinson Rowe
“Mathematicians and Mathematics on Postage Stamps,” by William L. Schaaf
“VF Numbers,” by J. A. Lindon
Book Reviews
“The Construction of Magic Knight Tours,” by T. H. Willcocks
Letters to the Editor
Solutions to Problems
Elementary Section
“Recurrent Operations on 1968,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Reversal Products,” J. A. H. Hunter
“Additional Mathematical Theory of Think-A-Dot,” by Sidney Kravitz
“Patterns in Primes – Addenda,” by Leslie E. Card
“Strings of 7 and 8 Identical Digits in 2^n,” by Edgar Karst
Index to Volume 1

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