Friday, January 7, 2022

Review of "Shazam!: The Junior Novel," by Henry Gayden & Darren Lemke

 Review of

Shazam!: The Junior Novel, by Henry Gayden & Darren Lemke, ISBN 9780062884176

Five out of five stars

Classic DC character rebooted

 The word Shazam is one of the all-time greatest single statements in the history of pop culture. Spoken with emphasis, it can serve many purposes, from astonishment to wonder to joy. In the context of being uttered by young Billy Batson, it will transform him to and from the superhero known as Shazam. The character was originally known as Captain Marvel, and this is a novelization of the film reboot/modification of that character.

 The story moves swiftly from Billy’s history of being in foster care and essentially a waif of the streets. When he is selected to be the hero by an aged wizard, his life changes dramatically. The main villain was selected before Billy, but while that person received powers, they proved unworthy of taking on the role of the hero.

 What is different about this story is that Billy is in a foster home with many other children and while at first he is skeptical of them, they quickly become his family and together they face the villain. Even though his foster siblings have no powers. That makes it an excellent story as they help Shazam learn about and cope with his newfound powers and how to control them in order to do good.

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