Monday, January 24, 2022

Review of "How To Talk Midwestern," by Robert Thomas

 Review of

How To Talk Midwestern, by Robert Thomas ISBN 187848821x

Four out of five stars

Phrases that are twists of others

 As someone that has lived in Iowa all his life, I recognize most of the phrase modifications in this book. I have heard them from relatives, friends, people I have met in public and uttered a few myself. The author steps through the alphabet from A to Z and states phrases beginning with the current letter.

 Some of the example phrases are:

Inna tizzy – in an agitated state.
Key bosh – to put a stop to.
Squat – the equivalent of zero or nothing.
Tard – equivalent of tired.
Your peein – euphemism for European.

 A collection of puns that are parts of speech, this book is a simple read full of amusement and an occasional significant chuckle.

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