Friday, January 7, 2022

Review of "Goodnight Obama," by Jerome Corsi

 Review of

Goodnight Obama, by Jerome Corsi ISBN 9781682611326

One out of five stars

Harsh and incorrect parody of President Obama

 This sequence of images and statements about the presidency of Barack Obama is written from an extreme right-wing perspective. It is also often wrong, both numerically and contextually. For example, there is the page with caption “Goodnight 10 trillion in new record-breaking national debt.” The fact is that the new debt under Obama was $8.6 trillion, which was a 74% increase. Yet, the percentage increase under President George W. Bush was 101% and under President Ronald Reagan was an enormous 186%. Expressed in percentage terms, what Obama did was nowhere near a record.

 There is a page with the caption, “Goodnight jobs, without any remorse,” with a sign that says, “Moved to Mexico.” There is a consensus in the data that the majority of the jobs “lost to Mexico” occurred long before Obama assumed the presidency. More manufacturing jobs were lost under George W. Bush than under Obama. Finally, there is the obligatory reference to the “birth certificate of unknown source.”

 There are many legitimate criticisms that can be leveled against the Presidency of Barack Obama, yet none of them appear in this book. The few items that have some legitimacy are improperly surrounded by context.

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