Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Review of "Food Alphabet," by David Drew

 Review of

Food Alphabet, by David Drew ISBN13: 9780433037286

Five out of five stars

Alphabet and food education combined

 This is an excellent book for the child in the early years of elementary school. It is a combination of science lesson and learning the alphabet. For each letter of the alphabet there is an image of a type of food where the first letter of the food is that specific letter. While the explanations of the foods are short, they contain enough information so that the reader will acquire a basic understanding of that specific item.

 While many staples like rice and bread are covered, items that the reader may not have experienced before also appear. For example, there is the avocado, veggieburger and quesadilla. Most children will be interested in learning the ingredients in peanut butter.

 Large enough to be seen from some distance, the images and text in this book make it ideal for being read to groups of children. Very educational.

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