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Review of "Buchanan’s Big Fight," by Jonas Ward

 Review of

Buchanan’s Big Fight, by Jonas Ward

Five out of five stars

Coco fights for the western championship

 Buchanan is known for not having ties to many people, he has his “adopted” children and the prizefighter Coco Bean and nothing else. In this story, he is smitten by not one, but two women. One of which is a member of the British aristocracy and the other runs a gambling hall in Denver.

 Fight promoter Charlie Emory is trying to set up a fight between Coco Bean and Dan Ford, a giant fighter considered the best in the east. The fight is to take place in Denver and the expectations for interest and revenue are enormous. A group of British aristocrats are in the area with their goal being observers of the fight. The Duke of Cumberland is himself a reasonably talented fighter and is an avid photographer. He is accompanied by his wife the Duchess and his sister Lady Caroline. Despite being of royal vintage, the three British are very down-to-earth, and Buchanan and Lady Caroline hit it off very well.

 In the midst of their first meeting, they are robbed by the ruthless Cutler gang, they take all their money and the jewels from the ladies. The gang is made up a group of unrepentant Confederates that believe that they can rob their way back to prominence in the south. While they are willing to kill, they do have standards and do not commit any violence or rudeness that is not necessary.

 All of this takes place in the first few pages, opening a novel that is full of suspense and ends with a climactic battle. During that time, Coco trains for the fight with Buchanan’s help and they meet Madame Velvet, the owner/proprietor of a gambling hall/saloon in Denver. It is said that she runs the most honest house in the city.

 The action and dialog is generally standard Buchanan, although he is much more attentive to the ladies than usual. Being a woman of the west, Madame Velvet is more his style, and he responds to her. Therefore, this is an unusual Buchanan story, while you certainly expect Coco to win the fight, until the end, you do not know if Buchanan is going to get the girl and if so, which one.

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