Thursday, January 6, 2022

Review of "Our Whale-watching Trip," by Sylvia Karavis and Gill Matthews

 Review of

Our Whale-watching Trip, by Sylvia Karavis and Gill Matthews ISBN 0763567299

Five out of five stars

Great primer on whales

 This book is a great introduction to whales in general and the humpback whale in particular. It describes the trip of a family on a whale watch excursion on a boat. The whales they see are humpbacks and each of their defining characteristics are explained in image and text. The reader learns why they are called humpbacks and how distinctive their tail patterns are among other things.

 The images and text are large enough to be seen from some distance away, making this an ideal book for reading to large groups of children. An excellent and fun science lesson, this is a book that should be in every elementary school.

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