Sunday, September 20, 2020

Review of "Warsaw Pact Ground Forces," by Gordon L. Rottman

 Review of

Warsaw Pact Ground Forces, by Gordon L. Rottman ISBN 0850457300

Five out of five stars

A short intelligence briefing plus primer on uniforms

 The first part of this book reads like a succinct intelligence briefing on the strength, organization and positioning of the military forces of the Warsaw Pact countries other than the Soviet Union. There are a few times where questions are raised as to the reliability of those forces if a global war were to break out. Color plates of various soldiers in full military dress are included and the last section is a detailed description of those uniforms down to the headgear and patches worn.

 The author is clearly an expert in this area and the descriptions of the uniforms are strictly based on facts. If you have an interest in this historical niche, then you are interested in this book.

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