Friday, September 4, 2020

Review of "Green Lantern: First Flight," DC Universe DVD

 Review of

Green Lantern: First Flight, DC Universe DVD

Five out of five stars

Existence proof of the value of animation

 Technology has advanced to the point where actors can be completely integrated into electronically generated special effects to the point where it appears that the superheroes are really super. Many blockbuster movies have been created based on comic book characters coming to life. However, this movie is a demonstration that there is still a role for animation when it is done right. This one is done right.

 The story is about the interstellar Green Lantern corps and how one member crash lands on Earth. The power ring seeks out a worthy replacement and daring test pilot Hal Jordan is selected. Once the ring is on his finger, he is transformed into a Green Lantern and he is summoned to appear before the Guardians to argue for his inclusion in the corps.

 There is some significant resistance to his presence as well as a cancer within the corps. Green Lantern’s longtime prime adversary in the comics was the renegade Green Lantern known as Sinestro. In this story, Sinestro is a member of the Green Lantern corps, but is actively plotting against the Guardians. Hal Jordan becomes his apprentice, not knowing what Sinestro’s real motives are.

 This is a great action feature, the animation, writing and delivery of the audio are all first rate. The viewer is injected into the storyline to the point where they truly care about the consequences. Hal emerges as a bulwark against the overthrow of the Guardians and comes face-to-face with a very powerful Sinestro.

 One of the simplest determiners of the quality of a movie is that when it ends, you look forward to a potential sequel. That is the case here.

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