Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Review of "Nemesis Rising Comic First Issue," created by Darren G. Davis

 Review of

Nemesis Rising Comic First Issue, created by Darren G. Davis

Four out of five stars

Four women super soldiers with quips as fast as their moves

 This comic stars four large-chested British women with well-rounded bodies and large attitudes. They go where few could lead or follow as they carry out their missions put forward by their male “controller.” When they are not engaged in battle against their adversaries, they are whacking away at each other in the heroine equivalent of a girl-style cat fight. At the end, they are being forced to accept the help of a woman that is even bigger in the chest and has the unpardonable characteristic of being an American.

 The comic is wild and is clearly influenced by the “Charlie’s Angels” genre of American entertainment. With dialog that is smart and obnoxious, this first issue demonstrates a lot of potential.


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