Sunday, September 20, 2020

Review of "Baseball Mystery," by Charles Coombs

 Review of

Baseball Mystery, by Charles Coombs

Five out of five stars

 Steve Marshall plays on a youth baseball team and is the batboy for the Redbirds, a major league team. He is good at both tasks, but in the case of the youth league, he somehow manages to make enemies of his opposing players. As the batboy, he excels at the task of satisfying the players superstitions. For example, the catcher needs to always have a four-leaf clover in his mitt, satisfying this desire means that Steve has to be creative with a tube of glue.

 The situation turns dangerous when ruthless gamblers come to town and try to alter the course of events by kidnapping Steve. Fortunately, he discovers that he has more friends than he thought he had, and both the youth and adult players step up to support him when he needs it.

 This is a quality book of adolescent sports fiction, despite his skills Steve struggles and has to face significant adversity before he is able to succeed. While these are not necessarily difficulties adolescent boys commonly face, his perseverance is a good lesson for all children of that age.

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