Monday, September 21, 2020

Review of "Emily Dickinson: A Brighter Garden," poetry collected by Karen Ackerman

 Review of

Emily Dickinson: A Brighter Garden, poetry collected by Karen Ackerman ISBN 0399214909

Five out of five stars

Snippets of the greatness of Dickinson

 Split into four segments based on the seasons of the year, these short poems are influential far beyond their length. There is a simplicity in the poetry of Dickinson, she makes a powerful point in only a few lines using strong mental imagery.

 The themes are about the outdoors, the differences across the seasons, and the cycles of death and renewal based on the weather. She manages to capture much of a year in a temperate climate in 23 short segments of verse. This book is an excellent primer on the poetic production of one of the best.

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