Monday, September 28, 2020

Review of "Garfield: The Me Book," by Jim Davis and Jim Kraft

 Review of

Garfield: The Me Book, by Jim Davis and Jim Kraft ISBN 0-345-365453

Four out of five stars

Garfield “Me First” philosophy applied to business

 This book is designed to be amusing and should not be considered a guide to how to conduct yourself in the business world. For the extremely self-centered approach where all revolves around you will not work in the world outside the comics.

The premise is that “Garfield,” the comic strip cat that is fat, lazy and considered superior to all others is giving advice on how to acquire a job and move up the career ladder as fast as possible Treating others as mere cogs in a machine designed to advance your personal interests can be an amusing fantasy, but is useless as a principle of operation.

 Given that, this is a book that will appeal to the fantasies of most working people, for it reinforces the stereotypes that managers are of little value in the organizational scheme of things.

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