Thursday, September 10, 2020

Review of "The Pro Quarterbacks," by John Devaney

 Review of

The Pro Quarterbacks, by John Devaney

Five out of five stars

 No player on the field of play has more influence on the outcome than the quarterback. Other than the center, he is the only player that will touch and control the ball on every offensive play. He is also the player that must have the most knowledge about the fundamentals of defenses and what offensive plays will work against those defenses.

 This book contains in-depth descriptions of 12 NFL quarterbacks, from Sammy Baugh in the late thirties to several that played in the seventies. The main theme is that you must pay a price for greatness. Components of the price start with a dedication to an understanding of the game as well as being willing to take the (legal) punishment that will be dished out by the defense. The descriptions are generally laudatory and avoid exposing any dirt on the players that does not involve actions on the field.

 A look back at some of the quarterbacks that were redefining the position as the game was changing to being more offensive oriented, this book is a basic history lesson on the great game of football.

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