Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review of "The Howls of Ivy," edited by Henry Boltinoff

 Review of

The Howls of Ivy, edited by Henry Boltinoff

Five out of five stars

Clear evidence of rising talent

 This book is a collection of cartoons drawn for college and university newspapers by students and it is clear that there is a great deal of talent roaming the halls of higher learning. The humor is what was considered acceptable in a college paper in the early 1950’s, so while there are a few hints of a sexual nature, it is very understated.

 My favorite is from the University of Purdue and features two outhouses, one of which says
“Pointers” and the other says “Setters.” The images are of dogs, but the point is still clear. As was the case in many cartoons of that time, there are some that are quite sexist, the main point in most is a man aggressively pursuing a woman.

 Whatever you may think of humor of that era, these cartoons demonstrate some real artistic talent and cleverness.

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