Thursday, February 20, 2020

Review of "You Must Remember This: 1966," by Mary A. Pradt

Review of

You Must Remember This: 1966, by Mary A. Pradt ISBN 0446910430

Four out of five stars

 This is a short book designed to be gifted to another after the to, from and message entries on the first page are filled in. It contains a series of short blurbs about major events in 1966, one image appears on each page. At times, there is no explicit clue as to which event on the page is linked to the image. While people that know the history of that year will generally be able to infer the reference, it should always be explicit.

 Other than that, this is a book that is well suited as a birthday gift so that the recipient will know some of the things that happened in the year of their birth.

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