Saturday, February 29, 2020

Review of "Bonanza: The Gunmen"

Review of

Bonanza: The Gunmen, DVD version

Two out of five stars

 This episode is intended to be humorous, but it largely fails at the task. It opens with two brutal killers that look a great deal like Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright shooting up a bar, killing several of the patrons before taking the money they were playing poker with. Shortly after this, Hoss and Little Joe arrive in that area of Texas, they are there to purchase some Texas Longhorn breeding stock.

 Since no one knows them, they are mistaken for the killers and nearly everyone is terrified of them. The only exceptions are the local women that are determined to keep the town as clean as possible. Their actions are very much exaggerated. The two of them are thrust into the midst of a shooting feud between two local clans, one side sent for the killers in order to finally win the battle.

 The dialog of the humor is weak, and the acting does not play it well. Bonanza was an excellent action series with strong themes of law and order, here is descends to the level of absurdity. This is one of the worst episodes of the series.

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