Thursday, February 6, 2020

Review of "The Boy Who Grew Flowers," by Jen Wojtowicz

Review of

The Boy Who Grew Flowers, by Jen Wojtowicz ISBN 9781841486864

Five out of five stars

A good lesson for people of all ages

 This book is about the kids that are significantly different and attending elementary school. Rink Bowagon is a boy that lives so far out in the country that there is no road, only a footpath to his house. Furthermore, the nearest road is dirt, and his family is the only one that lives on Lonesome Mountain. All members of the family have unusual talents, Rink’s is that he sprouts flowers all over his body during a full moon.

 The other children in school avoid Rink until a new girl arrives. Her name is Angelina and she has one leg an inch shorter that the other. Angelina befriends Rink and after some interaction, they discover that they share an unusual trait. From that point on they are friends for life.

 It is a great story, for it demonstrates that even the people that come across as unusual are worth befriending, for you never know how you may benefit from that friendship. This is a good lesson for people of all ages.

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