Thursday, February 6, 2020

Review of "Meet the Dullards," by Sara Pennypacker and Daniel Salmieri

Review of

Meet the Dullards, by Sara Pennypacker and Daniel Salmieri ISBN 9780062991607

Five out of five stars

 This book is amusing and something that all children can relate to. For at some point in their lives, children consider their parents dull, yet object to most actions that make them seem cool and unique. The Dullards are a family of five where the parents enforce the very dull. Their clothes are blackish-grey, and the parents are so focused on the dull that they consider medium grey and beige to be too stimulating colors for paint. Of course, the children try to find exciting things in their lives and eventually they manage to succeed, doing wild and crazy things that many children dream about doing.

 Unlike the premise, this is a fun book to read, for it captures the thoughts of nearly all children. The children think that their parents hold them back from having fun, when in fact it is generally a reasonable attempt to protect them. The fantasy of running off and having fun like the Dullard children do is one that all children can relate to.

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