Saturday, February 8, 2020

Review of "The Atlantic Alliance and the Warsaw Pact: A Comparative Study"

Review of

The Atlantic Alliance and the Warsaw Pact: A Comparative Study

Four out of five stars

 A figurative ocean of water has gone under the geopolitical bridge since this book was relevant. It was published in 1976. After a few pages of comparison of the command and control structures of NATO and the Warsaw Pact treaties, the public text of both treaties is given. The Soviet Union has dissolved along with the Warsaw Pact, so this book is a glimpse back into what was.

 This makes it an interesting historical document, made especially true given the current environment where major political figures are questioning the relevance of NATO in the modern world. To answer those questions, it is necessary to understand the role NATO had years ago and this book is a good primer on the quest for that knowledge.

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